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Healthcare Enablers 2017


All of us deal with healthcare at some point in our life. Either while looking after children or parents, or because of our own ailments and limitations. Our relationship with healthcare is perhaps even more intense. We collaborate with healthcare providers, professionals, insurers and innovators in healthcare on a daily basis in order to maintain the quality, accessibility and affordability of the internationally renowned Dutch healthcare system. We speak of maintaining, because the rising demand for healthcare and the economic reality force us to provide even better quality healthcare for the same price, now and in the future. The sustainability of our current healthcare system is under pressure and a transformation is necessary.


This transformation requires more than just technology, but technology is an important enabler. Technological solutions allow, for example, professionals to work in a different way and make it possible to increase self-care among patients. There are numerous possibilities. Choosing the right solutions is the job of busy healthcare professionals and administrators. Wrong choices lead to accumulation and thus increased costs, while delays in making choices can result in stagnation. Therefore there is a perception that technology can result in higher healthcare spending instead of being an instrument for innovation.

We closely monitor important trends and developments in the healthcare sector. This started in 2012 with the program ‘Diagnosis Healthcare Innovation’. Since then, we have further enriched our knowledge in several ways. Together with our strategic partners KPN, Noaber, PinkRoccade and Promedico we are including these technological developments as enablers of change in our current programme ‘Diagnosis Transformation’. Over the years, a large database has emerged that contains examples of futuristic technology across many disciplines.


Until now, we have used this knowledge and the practical examples to help our clients, conduct market research, and develop new products. With Healthcare Enablers 2017 we are giving everyone insight into the considerable technological developments. To inspire those around us and to make collaboration with stakeholders more efficient in order to further improve the quality of healthcare in terms of medical outcomes and patient experience.

We hope that Healthcare Enablers 2017 will help you strengthen the innovation capability of your organization. Only then can we together reap the benefits of new technologies and work on a sustainable healthcare system in which quality and efficiency go hand in hand. We are looking forward to further discussions about the way in which new innovations will shape the future and invite you to share your inspiration, examples and experiences with us.


Philip J. Idenburg en Vivian Dekkers